After many years of experience working abroad and with local painting contractors, I have developed a clear sense of customer needs and wishes. During this time I also became thoroughly familiar with the latest trends and designer techniques as a result of this exposure. In order to establish myself and capitalize on my European craftsmanship, I established Painting Works in 1999 to provide my customers with the opportunity to experience creative and high quality craftsmanship.

Painting Works offers a wide variety of painting techniques and treatments. Our project experience ranges from large commercial projects to small individual customized restorations and make-overs.

Our commercial experience has resulted in an appreciation and understanding of project scheduling and coordination needs. Our residential experience, on the other hand, enhanced our appreciation for fine architecture and attention to detail.

This range of capability is a direct result of our craftsmanship, technical knowledge and experience combined with the application of high quality products and precise planning. The bottom line is outstanding results and long lasting beauty.

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